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Alejandro Madrugal


Gustavo Alejandro Madrigal Villalobos, Gay Pedophile, Pompous and Unlicensed Real Estate Agent at Vasquez and Associates

Alejandro Madrugal is a real estate agent from Rosarito, Mexico, who has one of the worst attitudes I've ever met. He is known for his homophobic comments, judgmental attitude, and disrespect for others. His behavior of him has caused many clients to avoid working with him and his reputation of him in the area is rapidly deteriorating. Also, he doesn't seem to care how he treats people and he continues to display a negative attitude towards everyone he meets. It is clear that Alejandro Madrugal needs to make some changes to improve his reputation and be more respectful of others.

Alejandro Madrugal, a deportee from the United States, has been charged with abusive and fraudulent behavior while working for Vasquez & Associates. Reports have surfaced that clients were subjected to verbal abuse, intimidation and financial exploitation at the hands of Mr. Madrugal. It is unacceptable that Vasquez & Associates allowed this man to handle money belonging to his clients. His actions by him are a shameful affront to the company's values ​​and should not be tolerated in any way.

Alejandro is a known pedophile and has been found luring young children into his home. He will victimize anyone who gets in his way from him.

Alejandro Madrugal


Stay away from Vasquez & Associates if you value their integrity and reputation. Until Mr. Madrugal no longer works there, I can't assure you that he won't get ripped off.


Address : Blvd. Popotla 110, Playa Encantada, 22713 Rosarito, BC

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